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Gel Nail Polish Bottle Organizer Holder | Display Racks

$6.99 USD
$11.99 USD
$6.99 USD
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Size: φ3.2cm x 6 holes
Subtotal: $6.99

❤️Size: Hold well for 6ml 8ml 10ml 12ml 15ml bottles like gel nail polish bottles, gel top coat base coat bottles, dip nail liquid bottles.

❤️Convenience: The holder allows for easy access to the nail polish, making the process of applying the polish more efficient and enjoyable.

❤️Stability and safety: The holder provides a stable base for the nail polish bottle, reducing the risk of it being knocked over and spilling, which can stain surfaces or damage belongings.

❤️Mess-free nail polish application: The holder's design prevents accidental spills and tipping, ensuring a clean and hassle-free nail painting experience.

❤️Easy cleaning and maintenance: The design of display racks often allows for straightforward cleaning, ensuring the bottles remain presentable and free from dust and debris.

❤️Material: Translation: This product adopts high-quality materials, acrylic plate and stainless steel screws, which not only showcase an elegant and upscale appearance but also enhance the product's load-bearing capacity and overall lifespan.

❤️Professional appeal: A display rack gives a professional and polished look to nail salons, beauty stores, or cosmetic sections in retail outlets, making them more attractive to customers.

❤️Highlighting new or featured products: Display racks can be strategically used to showcase new or featured nail polish colors, encouraging customers to try out the latest offerings.

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