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Nail Dip Powder Liquid Set Dip Essentials Kit

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Dip Essentials

Nail Dip Powder Liquid Set including Base Coat, Top Coat, Activator (Seal Protect), Primer Bond (nail prep dehydrator), Dip Essentials Set OSDE01 each in 10ML 

  • Easy to Use & Saving Time: NO need of UV/LED Lamp to cure, Use with dip liquid set is QUICK AIR DRY System, easy to apply and dry fast. It takes about 30% less time to apply than acrylics. With the dip powder gel set,you can start personal diy nail at home.
  • Durable and Light-Weight: OUMISAYA Dip powder is resistant to chipping and cracking, dip nails can be thin, light weight and breathable with no damage to the nail’s beds. shiny durable 2-3 weeks. perfect for both professional salons and beginners for home nail manicure Healthy: The powder is vitamin and calcium fortified, use clear powder as base powder to protect the nail beds.
  • Pro tip: Prepping your nails will help the Dip Base liquid get a stronger grip on your nails and bonding the colors to them. After prepping your nails, please use some rubbing alcohol to remove all the shine and allow it to dry before applying the Dip Base. Pro Tip: Apply the finish top coat slightly over the color near your cuticle, it will help prevent any early nail lifting. Apply thin and even layers of the finish coat will add on a glossy finish look to your nails.

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